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Basic Spanish Vocabulary - Around the House!


Read on to find out some basic vocabulary around the house...

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Five Most Common Mistakes when Learning a Second Language!


It is hard to argue against the many benefits of learning a second language. Even though the idea of learning a language could seem like a daunting task there are a number of methods that could suit you which makes it easier. There is no incorrect way to learn a language; whether you learn on your own or take classes. However, there are some errors that people make and in today's article we explain the five most common mistakes. 

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5 tips for practising Spanish outside of the classroom


Taking Spanish language classes brings great results. Putting what you learn into practice is the next step. Today we reveal our top 5 tips for practising Spanish outside of the classroom!

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Spanish Book Club: September session - El TĂșnel by Ernesto Sabato.


 Join us on September 19th for the Spanish Marks Book Club, where we will discuss the highly acclaimed book, El TĂșnel by Ernesto Sabato. Ticket price includes a copy of the book, food/drink from the author's country and a session coordianted by our experienced tutor, Luis!

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